SwipeStox Creators, The NAGA Group, Absolutely Crushing it With Their Token Pre-sale

FinTech company and SwipeStox creator, The NAGA Group, has closed an extremely successful token pre-sale. The Token Sale’s soft cap of $1 million was reached after ten minutes of launch and the token pre-sale has sold over 80% of its stated hard cap of 20 million tokens.

NAGA’s token Pre-sale has raised over $15.5million USD and sold over 18.5 millionNGC tokens. More than 15,500 investors have participated in the pre-sale so far and taken advantage of the 30% token bonus being offered exclusively during the pre-sale.

A huge thanks to all of the backers. Stay Tuned forTHE MAIN-SALE.

The NAGA Group are no strangers to success. Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in July 2017, NAGA’s IPO was the fastest performing German public offering in the past 15 years. Since their debut as a publicly traded company, NAGA’s share price rose from €2.60 to an all-time-high of 22.80€ before settling into the €12.50-€14.50 range – an increase of over 400%.

Backed by Some of the Biggest Names in the Crypto Community

The NAGA Group’s success has garnered the attention of some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency community. ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin.com, joined the project’s advisory board in early November with his fellow colleague and COO, Mate Tokay. The pair were later joined by Miko Matsumura, Founder of the Evercoin cryptocurrency exchange and a Limited Partner with Pantera Capital.

Unprecedented Community Involvement

In the current ICO landscape, investors want reassurance that the companies they are investing in are stable, accessible, and will be around for the long haul. The NAGA Group has done an incredible job of keeping the crypto community in the loop by making themselves available to answer questions. On November 17 and 24, respectively, NAGA held two live Q&A sessions on YouTube.

NAGA has made it a top priority to remain as engaged as possible with the crypto community. They are extremely active on social media and in their Telegram chat, which has grown to over 5500 members, there is always a team member available to answer questions.

You can learn more about the NAGA Token-Sale at nagaico.com and by joining their Telegram.