Jon Matonis Joins BlockEx’s Advisory Group

– Jon Matonis is a leading figure in the cryptocurrency space. He has presented globally on blockchain and its disruptive economic implications to audiences including members of the Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, SWIFT, IRS, DOJ, retail payment networks, major financial institutions, financial regulatory bodies, mobile money issuers, igaming operators, information security firms, hedge funds, gold investors, and family offices.

His career has touched on both finance and cryptography, ideally positioning him as a thought leader in the cryptosphere. He is a Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and his career has included senior influential posts at VISA International, VeriSign, Sumitomo Bank, and Hushmail. He advises many companies in the blockchain, mobile payments, and gaming sectors. This is part of his work as an economist and e-Money researcher who wants to expand the circulation of nonpolitical digital currencies. He is also a prominent FinTech columnist at CoinDesk, American Banker, and Forbes Magazine, and recently joined the editorial board for the cryptocurrency journal Ledger. His early work on digital cash systems and financial cryptography has been published by Dow Jones and the London School of Economics.

Jon’s background in both finance and the cryptosphere make him a perfect match for BlockEx. BlockEx aims to bridge the gap between the traditional world of finance and the new world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. BlockEx combines the regulatory framework and governance of traditional finance with the efficiencies of blockchain. Their Digital Asset Exchange Platform (DAxP) is an institutional grade exchange with blockchain asset origination, dematerialisation and lifecycle management tools. It includes a digital asset creation tool, exchange, clearing, settlement, registry and brokerage software. Currently, BlockEx is launching their ICO for the BlockEx ICO Market. Part of the DAxP, the ICO Market will allow users to list and participate in compliant, high quality ICOs. BlockEx’s token, the DAXT, can be used to guarantee an allocation of tokens during ICO pre-sales hosted on their platform.

Jon has consistently led the charge on integrating blockchain and financial services, a passion he shares with BlockEx. His help in developing BlockEx’s relationships with other important figures in the cryptosphere has also been invaluable. As BlockEx enters into this exciting stage, spreading its reach and launching its ICO, Jon Matonis can offer his vital knowledge and relationships.