Universa: The Most Promising Russian ICO Starts this Saturday on the 28th of October

– The ICO of Universa blockchain platform is starting this Saturday. It aims to raise $99 Million in total.

The Universa blockchain platform can certainly be called the most promising Russian ICO project so far. Universa Blockchain is a protocol and a blockchain platform for creating business applications aiming at solution of real sector transaction problems. Universa digitalizes the processes of contracting, providing services and property rights management. It offers low transaction cost (ten times cheaper than Ethereum) and a simple API for integration with ongoing business processes. Moreover, the protocol is able to process 22 thousand transactions per second, the figure substantially higher than well-known Bitcoin or Etherium blockchains.


Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZHIa0_dv7g

Universa provides a gateway for services that automatically accept input electronic documents and creates standard output documents based on the rules and provisions of “smart contracts.” Generally, Universa makes business transaction costs very cheap and operation itself very secure. For example, by using Universa ready-made communication service, one can buy such electronic materials from individuals as photos or articles, trade all sorts of goods, provide loans, exchange or sell securities and operate with other financial instruments as well. Furthemore, Universa smart contracts can be applied in the same way as a car “smart key” in the car-sharing services, hotel business, entertainment centers, SPA, smart home systems, gas stations, toll road, parking lots and many more.

The legal entities receive a convenient tool for working with excise, tenders, auctions, transaction passports, customs declarations and so on. Almost any tasks can be automatized and secured by smart contracts of this blockchain.

The project is led by Alexander Borodich, technology investor, founder and managing partner of VentureClub and former head of marketing at Mail.ru Group, Russia’s largest IT company.

Universa has already signed a partnership agreement with John McAfee who became project advisor and will be using blockchain for his project McAffee coin. Earlier this month ApexFree, a platform for software solutions integration, has made $7 Million investment in Universa. As a part of agreement, ApexFree Platform Services will integrate with the Universa Blockchain Platform solution.

Everyone is welcome to participate and get the latest information on Universa blockchain project. The ICO is starting on October, 28th.