Reimagining GameFi: Introducing “IN” – The Dawn of Play, Earn, and Own in WEB3

Hong Kong, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In an era where gaming intersects with groundbreaking blockchain technology, “IN” emerges as a beacon of innovation, challenging the status quo of GameFi projects. The brainchild of Vladimir Malyshev, the founder of OnGame with over 13 years of experience in GameDev and eSports, “IN” is the culmination of five years of dedicated development in WEB3 & FinTech. Having successfully launched an ICO, the OnGame team decided to pool their collective expertise to create “IN,” which has been making waves in AppStore & Google Play since February 2023. According to playtoearn, “IN” has been heralded as the second-best web3 game in 2023.- Monotonous gameplay lacking depth
– Pyramid-scheme-like economics driving scarcity
– A surge of bots exploiting freebies- Free to Start: Jump into the world of “IN” without barriers, no crypto wallet or NFT purchase required.
– Role Play Your Way: A mass-market genre with Role Play elements, ensuring every player’s journey is unique.
– Engrossing Narrative: Dive into a story where you’re not just a player but a pivotal author of the game’s unfolding saga.
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