Fragmented and Out of Focus: The UK’s Renewable Energy Sector Is Unnecessarily Expensive to Taxpayers and Consumers

Slough, United Kingdom, Feb. 28, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For decades, different regions have begun examining how society can transition to greener, more efficient energy sources. In recent years, commitments to make ‘clean energy’ more widespread have resulted in net zero pledges and an overhaul of previous policies. However, the UK renewables policy has its flaws. Peter Prior, the chairman of Summerleaze, a mineral extraction company that was formerly engaged in the production of renewable energy, asserts that the UK policy fails to find all the cheapest solutions. The influence of large companies on government departments results in many small solutions not being adopted. The lack of knowledge government officials have on energy projects is a major challenge to giving taxpayers their best value for money.