Coin Telegraph Co-Founder, Toni Lane Casserly, Joins The Divi Project

Cryptocurrency startup, The Divi Project, a revolutionary blockchain smart wallet has added Coin Telegraph co-founder and former CEO, Toni Lane Casserly, to its advisory board. “I am proud of the work the Divi Project’s team has done so far and can only imagine what the future holds for us all,” Casserly says.

Coin Telegraph is one of the largest media networks in the blockchain industry. Lane has been a leader in blockchain and bitcoin, being one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry, and called the “Joan of Arc of blockchain” and a “Young Star of Bitcoin” by her peers and various publications.

The Divi Project, co-founded by Geoff McCabe — previously the Founder & CEO of Virtual Reality Times — recently announced a crowdfunded “token sale” that will grant investors and the public an opportunity to participate in developing the first blockchain technology ripe for mainstream adoption. The process is based on an Ethereum “smart contract” built into the blockchain to create transparency. But it’s also a hassle. For newcomers in the crypto space, it’s actually a great lesson on bad UX, bad user experience, and teaches a lesson in how what we’re trying to do is inevitable and important. For the most part, investors who don’t mind fighting their way through all the crypto-speak and poor UX are already invested in this space. What’s left is the 99% of the rest of the investors who expect better and don’t have time for solving puzzles when trying to send a transaction.

The interface of Divi is designed to be intuitive, no more difficult than PayPal or internet banking. Yet, it will be more powerful, with nearly no fees, higher interest rates than a bank deposit, and a way to secure funds in new ways to stop hackers or user error.

“We are thrilled to have Toni Lane Casserly joining our board,” says McCabe. “She’s one of the most well-known evangelists in the crypto movement, having been part of the bitcoin and cryptocurrency revolution since the old days before it was cool.” The Divi Project stands apart from other blockchain projects for a variety of reasons including a unique and creative approach to user acquisition and retention. The Divi Project will utilize a Lottery Block Program where eleven lucky users will win over 5000 “DIVI” cryptocurrency tokens each week. The company’s first pilot customers who have agreed to accept the currency as payment include yoga retreats and a training center in Costa Rica. The company will corner a space to become “Amazon meets Craigslist” – growing via social media influencers and enabling users to list their items for sale.

The Divi Project ICO is scheduled to launch on October 27th. The Whitepaper and sale details are available at: