Edf: Result of the reopened simplified public tender offer for the equity securities of EDF

Result of the reopened simplified public tender offer for the equity securities of EDF

On 23 May 2023, the French Financial Markets Authority, the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (the “AMF”) published the result of the simplified public tender offer (the “Offer”) filed by the French State for the equity securities of EDF, following the reopening of the Offer from 4 May 2023 to 17 May 2023.

Upon completion of the reopened Offer, the French State will own 3,908,590,275 EDF shares, representing 97.69% of the share capital and at least 98.04% of the voting rights of EDF1, and 130,829,543 OCEANEs, representing 99.97% of the outstanding OCEANEs.

The notice of result of the reopened Offer released by the AMF is available on the AMF’s website (www.amf-france.org).

The settlement-delivery of the reopened Offer will occur on 25 May 2023 in accordance with the timetable released by Euronext Paris.

It is recalled that the French State will request the implementation of a squeeze-out procedure for EDF shares and OCEANEs, since the legal and regulatory conditions for such implementation are now met2.

Trading of EDF shares and OCEANEs has been suspended since 18 May 2023 pending the implementation of the squeeze-out.

Important information

This press release was prepared for information purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to the public and may not be deemed to constitute any form of soliciting for the purpose of buying or selling financial securities. The circulation of this press release, the Offer, and the acceptance of the Offer may be subject to a specific regulation or restrictions in some countries. The Offer is not directed at persons subject to such restrictions, either directly or indirectly, and it may not be accepted by anyone located in a jurisdiction where the Offer is subject to such restrictions. Consequently, persons in possession of this press release must familiarize themselves and comply with any restrictions that may apply to them.

EDF may not be held liable for the violation, by any person or entity, of any applicable legal or regulatory restrictions.

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About EDF
As a major player in energy transition, the EDF Group is an integrated energy company active in all businesses: generation, transmission, distribution, energy trading, energy sales and energy services. EDF group is a world leader in low-carbon energy, having developed a diverse production mix based mainly on nuclear and renewable energy (including hydropower). It is also investing in new technologies to support energy transition. EDF’s raison d’être is to build a net zero energy future with electricity and innovative solutions and services, to help save the planet and drive well-being and economic development. The Group is involved in supplying energy and services to approximately 40.3 million customers (1), of whom 30.3 million in France (2). It generated consolidated sales of €143.5 billion in 2022. EDF is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

(1) Customers are counted per delivery site. A customer can have two delivery points: one for electricity and another one for gas.
(2) Including ÉS (Électricité de Strasbourg) and SEI.

1 Figures not taking into account EDF’s treasury shares (888,511 shares).
2 See press release dated 2 May 2023.


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