HUISON Awarded “Four Inventions” & “Four National Patents” of Original DHA Dairy Products

XIAMEN, China, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HUISON was awarded “Four Inventions” & “Four National Patents” of Original DHA Dairy Products:

1. Algal species patent ZL 201710398286.7: A strain of docosahexaenoic acid-producing fungi and its application; and obtained the patent for algae genetic invention in the United States and Japan;

2. Fermentation Patent ZL 200910130628.2: A method for fermentative production of DHA by high-density culture of Schizochytrium sp.;

3. Preparation Patent ZL 201010281458.0: A microalgae whole cell powder for high yield of DHA milk in mammals and preparation method;

4. Breeding Patent ZL 201810297773.9: The application of Schizochytrium sp. and its preparation in increasing DHA content in the milk of ruminants; and obtained the breeding patents in United States and Australia.

Original DHA pure milk-“Original and easy to absorb”

Breast milk is rich in DHA, while milk contains almost no DHA, so most of the current dairy industry enhance the DHA content of products through the addition of fish oil or algae oil, but the disadvantage is that oxidation and rancidity occurs easily during product processing, which produce fishy taste and wood taste, resulting in poor taste and flavor. Meanwhile, oxidation products will have adverse effects on the health of consumers. Therefore, protection of complex antioxidant system and flavor masking are required, which increases the complexity and cost of product process formulation.

Microalgae Biomass (Schizochytrium sp.) is a single feed rich in DHA produced by fermentation, separation and drying using Schizochytrium sp.. By feeding cows with easily absorbed HUISON® Microalgae Biomass(Schizochytrium sp. HS01), the content of DHA in milk can be significantly increased and stabilized, and the ratio of n-3:n-6 fatty acids will be improved, so that the quality of milk can be improved. Original DHA pure milk, that is, milk comes with DHA as soon as it is squeezed out. The process is similar to that of nursing mother who supplement food rich in DHA through their diet, and naturally absorb and convert it into milk fat. Further studies have shown that 52.82% of its DHA is located in sn-2 position of triglyceride, content similar to that of breast milk. Original DHA pure milk can be processed into a variety of milk products, which keep pace with conventional milk in terms of flavor, taste and physicochemical properties.

HUISON is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on microbial directed fermentation and industrialization of virgin DHA.

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