The Global HVDC Capacitor Market size is expected to reach $11.4 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 13.7% CAGR during the forecast period

New York, Sept. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — announces the release of the report “Global HVDC Capacitor Market Size, Share & Industry Trends Analysis Report By Technology, By Product Type, By Application, By Installation Type, By Regional Outlook and Forecast, 2022 – 2028” –
Although being a reasonably mature technology, HVDC transmission has seen significant technological advancements that have increased its capabilities and areas of application.

In contrast to the more prevalent alternating current (AC) systems, high-voltage, direct current (HVDC) electric power transmission systems employ direct current (DC) to transmit electrical power. These systems are also referred to as power superhighways or electrical superhighways. Voltages used in HVDC lines typically range from 100 kV to 800 kV. However, a 1,100-kV link in China with a distance of 3,300 km (2,100 mi) and a power capacity of 12 GW was finished in 2019.

Intercontinental connections are made possible with this dimension, which may help manage the variations of wind and solar energy. HVDC enables power transfer between incompatible AC transmission networks. A network can be stabilized against disruptions brought on by abrupt changes in power because the power flow over an HVDC link can be adjusted independently of the phase angle between source and load.

Power can also be transferred using HVDC between grid systems that operate at various frequencies, such as 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Enabling the transfer of power between disparate networks increases the stability and efficiency of each grid. Electric power transmission uses high voltage to cut down on energy lost through wire resistance. Doubling the voltage would result in the same amount of power being transmitted with only half as much current.

COVID-19 Impact Analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial negative impact on the market for high voltage direct current (HVDC) capacitors worldwide. Due to the downturn and lack of labor, production facilities for electronics and semiconductors have been put on hold. Travel restrictions and facility closures caused by the COVID-19 outbreak kept workers away from their workplaces, which resulted in a major and prolonged decline in factory utilization. This slowed the market growth for high voltage direct current (HVDC) capacitors in 2020.

Market Growth Factors

The Need For HVDC Capacitors Rises As A Result Of HVDC Transmission Systems

An HVDC capacitor is necessary for converting AC to DC, moving power between converter stations, and transforming DC to AC once more so that it may be fed into the power grid. It is an essential component of the HVDC transmission system. They aid in preserving voltage stability, enhancing the caliber of the power, and promptly controlling power flow. By quickly controlling the power flow in the transmission lines, they also lessen the chance of short-circuiting current.

The Acceptance Of Electric Vehicles Is Expanding

An HVDC capacitor is primarily used in EVs to increase DC bus voltage stability and prevent ripple currents from returning to the power source. When EVs use batteries to supply energy, they are also employed to protect semiconductor components and for decoupling purposes. DC link capacitors help EV applications’ inverters, battery systems, and motor controllers balance the effects of inductance. Additionally, they serve as filters to protect EV subsystems from voltage surges, peaks, and electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Market Restraining Factors

Capacitors Used In High Voltage Dc Transmission Pose Several Risks

Even after the machinery has been de-energized, HV capacitors may continue to store dangerous energy and develop an unsafe residual charge on their own. Some capacitors’ liquid dielectric or its combustion byproducts may be harmful. When dielectric or metal connectivity failures take place in HV capacitors, an arc fault is produced. Within oil-filled units, the dielectric fluid vaporizes, causing case bulges and breakage. In addition, even when in regular operation, HV vacuum capacitors can emit mild X-rays. These elements pose risks to both people and the environment.

Product Type Outlook

On the basis of Product Type, the HVDC Capacitor Market is divided into Plastic Film Capacitor, Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Ceramic Capacitors, Tantalum Wet Capacitors, and Others. The plastic film capacitor segment acquired the highest revenue share in the HVDC Capacitor Market in 2021. It is because plastic film capacitors have the potential to self-heal, which helps them guard against catastrophic failures and elevates their level of reliability vs competing technologies.

Technology Outlook

Based on the Technology, the HVDC Capacitor Market is segmented into Line-commutated Converter (LCC) and Voltage-source Converter (VSC). The voltage-source converter (VSC) segment recorded a substantial revenue share in the HVDC Capacitor Market in 2021. It is because more recent technology built on power transistors is VSC. Reducing the low voltage needs lowers the possibility of commutation failure.

Installation Type Outlook

By Installation Type, the HVDC Capacitor Market is classified into Open Rack Capacitor Banks, Enclosed Rack Capacitor Banks, and Pole-mounted Capacitor Banks. The enclosed rack capacitor banks segment garnered the highest revenue share in the HVDC Capacitor Market in 2021. Due to decreased installation and maintenance costs, it has been widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications, including power generation plants, electrical substations, cement factories, chemical factories, and iron and steel manufacturing plants.

Application Outlook

Based on the Application, the HVDC Capacitor Market is bifurcated into Commercial, Industrial, Energy and Power, Aerospace and Defense, and Others. The industrial segment witnessed a substantial revenue share in the HVDC Capacitor Market in 2021. Due to the large concentration of industrial loads, the assembly line as a whole may be badly affected by voltage variations and disturbances, which could significantly lower productivity.

Regional Outlook

Region-wise, the HVDC Capacitor Market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA. The Asia Pacific region procured a promising revenue share in the HVDC Capacitor Market in 2021. In the regional HVDC capacitor market, China, India, and Japan are mostly the market leaders. The region’s enormous need for HVDC capacitors is fueled by the countries’ extensive automotive, consumer electronics, and HVDC capacitor manufacturing industries.

The major strategies followed by the market participants are Product Launches. Based on the Analysis presented in the Cardinal matrix; Hitachi, Ltd. is the forerunners in the HVDC Capacitor Market. Companies such as TDK Corporation, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. and Kyocera Corporation are some of the key innovators in HVDC Capacitor Market.

The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market. Key companies profiled in the report include General Electric (GE) Co., Hitachi, Ltd., TDK Corporation, Yageo Corporation, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., Eaton Corporation PLC, Kyocera Corporation, General Atomics, International Capacitors, S.A., and ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH.

Recent Strategies deployed in HVDC Capacitor Market

Partnerships, Collaborations and Agreements:

Jun-2022: Hitachi Energy joined hands with Petrofac, a foremost international service provider. This collaboration aimed to deliver joint grid integration and supporting infrastructure to sustain the quickly developing offshore wind market. Additionally, the collaboration includes the collection of high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) and high-voltage direct current (HVDC) solutions.

May-2022: GE’s Grid Solutions signed a Memorandum of Understanding with HSM Offshore Energy, EPCIC (turnkey) platform, and modules builder. This agreement focused on helping the development of offshore wind projects by delivering an optimized and cost-efficient turnkey value suggestion that adequately covers complete engineering, procurement, and manufacturing, including the grid compliance studies, HV equipment, complete testing and pre-commissioning, transport, induction at sea and then last hook up and trusting.

Mar-2022: Hitachi Energy came into a partnership with Aker BP, the Norwegian oil and gas investigation and production enterprise. Through this partnership, Hitachi Energy offered a solution including a new grid connection to house the STATCOM, thyristor-controlled series capacitors, shunt reactors, and gas-insulated switches. Moreover, The solution would also expand the information abilities of a current 420 kV mainland grid connection with a new gas-insulated power transformer and switchgear.

Product Launches and Product Expansions:

Jun-2022: Hitachi introduced ’ECN30216’ & ’ECN30624, single-chip IC products able to handle large variations of the supply voltage. The new products feature the feature of shutting down all the output devices when overvoltage is witnessed in the motor drive state and thereby maintaining the withstanding voltage of 1,000V. Additionally, the special invention of the new upper arm*1 drive circuit contains the capacitor inside the driver IC, eliminating two external capacitors needed for conventional such products, and conserving space to enhance the consumer’s freedom of developing motor or inverter control panel for home devices.

Jun-2022: Vishay Intertechnology launched AEC-Q200 capable DC-Link metalized polypropylene film capacitor. The new AEC-Q200 is developed to fulfill the needs of high humidity automotive applications, the Vishay Roederstein MKP1848Se DC-Link is the foremost such device to resist temperature humidity bias testing of 60 °C / 93 % relative humidity for 56 days at rated voltage. Additionally, The MKP1848Se DC-Link capacitor delivers rated capacitance from 1 µF to 75 µF and low ESR down to 3 m?. The RoHS-compliant device delivers high surge current abilities up to 27 A and rated voltages of 500 VDC, 700 VDC, 900 VDC, and 1200 VDC at +85 °C.

May-2022: Vishay Intertechnology unveiled a new high-energy wet tantalum capacitor. The new capacitor provides the highest capacitance per voltage rating and points size for this device type. Moreover, public with radial through-hole endings with a stud mount option in the B and C case codes, the ’EP2’ can be utilized as an actual drop-in substitute for competing elements or as a higher capacitance option in a mechanically identical package to decrease detail counts, preserve space, and lower design prices.

May-2022: TDK Corporation launched PhaseCap Energy Plus, two new series of EPCOS PFC capacitors. The new B25674C* series is gas-impregnated and surfaces a voltage range from 230 V AC to 690 V AC and provide balance ratings from 5 kvar to 33.1 kvar, relying on the type whereas B25675C* series capacitors are impregnated with a biodegradable wax and are placed for voltages from 230 V AC to 1000 V AC, with balance ratings of up to 60 kvar. Additionally, These series feature an unparalleled lifetime of up to 240,000 hours in temperature class -40/D, class IP20 touch-proof airfields, and pre-mounted ceramic-based power resistors.

Mar-2022: TDK Corporation expanded its prevailing tried-and-tested range of CeraLink capacitors. The new smaller versions with the traditional chip design are incorporated in the offering to expand the areas of application. Moreover, the new portfolio starts with the EIA 2220 size, measuring 5.7 x 5 x 1.4 mm, is planned for 500 V, and delivers a value of 250 nF with very low parasitic resistance.

Jan-2022: TDK Corporation unveiled a recycling system that recycles PET films used in the manufacturing procedure of multilayer ceramic capacitors. The new TDK system cleans the surfaces of scrap PET films, produces them to PET plastic form (as a pellet), and then PET film factory TORAY Corporation assembles a film. Additionally, TDK then buys those films and spreads special processing to them, allowing them to be reused again in the production process.

Jun-2021: Vishay Intertechnology unveiled the series of HI-TMP surface-mount wet tantalum capacitors. The new series delivers a smaller size and impression than equal through-hole and over-molded high-temperature devices, the T24 series is developed to utilize wide space more effectively and provide increased dependability for aerospace radar applications, oil exploration, and military.

Feb-2021: TDK Corporation introduced EPCOS aluminum electrolytic capacitor series B43548* with snap-in terminals. The EPCOS capacitors offer an amazing highest ripple current capacity of 9.80 A (400 V, 100 Hz, 60 °C). Additionally, the capacitors are developed for a leading operating temperature of 105 °C, have a rated voltage capacity of 400 V to 500 V, and advance under these circumstances a service lifetime of 3000 h.

Nov-2020: TDK Corporation launched ModCap, a modular capacitor concept for DC link applications. The new ModCap is suitable for rated voltages of 1100 V to 2300 V and covers a 365 µF to 2525 µF capacitance coverage. Additionally, the placed currents between 105 A and 180 A are type-conditioned with all classes scheduled for 5 kA recurrent pulse currents.

Sep-2020: Vishay Intertechnology has extended its prevailing EP1 wet tantalum capacitor with new B and C case codes. The new improved EP1 now offers ultra-high capacitance from 3,600 µF to 40,000 µF in the B case code and 5,300 µF to 58,000 µF in the C case code.

Acquisitions and Mergers:

Mar-2022: KYOCERA AVX completed the acquisition of ROHM Semiconductor’s tantalum and polymer capacitor industries. This acquisition would extend the current offering of electrolytic capacitor solutions for military, medical, and aerospace applications.

Jun-2021: GE-Prolec Transformers completed the acquisition of SPX Transformer Solutions business, a supplier and manufacturer of medium and large power transformers. This acquisition is anticipated to improve Prolec GE’s standing as a key allocation and power transformer player delivering consumers with a broad selection of products and an improved next-generation offering.

Sep-2020: Hitachi completed the acquisition of Pioneer Solutions, a provider of industry-leading front-to-back-office Commodities/Energy Trading and Risk Management solutions. Through this acquisition, Hitachi ABB Power Grids would expand its current Energy Portfolio Management offering complete new value for energy market players who trade, barrier risk, and trail emission and renewable energy recognition for electricity and other entities.

Jun-2020: Yageo Corporation took over KEMET Corporation, and manufactures a wide selection of capacitor technologies. Through this acquisition, Yageo would be well placed as a one-stop supplier of passive electronic components, providing a supreme offering of ceramic, polymer, tantalum, film, and electrolytic capacitors, chip resistors, circuit safety along with sensors, magnetics, actuators, all managing a complete range of end industry segments.

Mar-2020: Kyocera Corporation signed a merger agreement with AVX Corporation, an American manufacturer of electronic components. This merger aimed to improve the global sales abilities, and improve synergy by integrating the businesses’ resources of development and manufacture for further development of its global enterprise.

Geographical Expansions:

May-2022: TDK Corporation expanded its geographical footprints by establishing a new production building of TDK Electronics Factories on inferences of the Kitakami Factory, Japan. The new expansion is planned to reinforce the exhibition of highly dedicated MLCCs for automatic driving, electric vehicles (EVs), and ADAS with growing demand.

Oct-2021: Hitachi Energy expanded its geographical footprint by establishing Bland, Virginia manufacturing facility, the leading producer of dry-type transformers in North America. The collaboration with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the development has delivered additional production capability, adding the installation of state-of-the-art technology to sustain new manufacturing abilities.

Scope of the Study

Market Segments covered in the Report:

By Technology

• Line-commutated Converter (LCC)

• Voltage-source Converter (VSC)

By Product Type

• Plastic Film Capacitors

• Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

• Ceramic Capacitors

• Tantalum Wet Capacitors

• Others

By Application

• Energy & Power

• Aerospace & Defense

• Industrial

• Commercial

• Others

By Installation Type

• Enclosed Rack Capacitor Banks

• Open Rack Capacitor Banks

• Pole-mounted Capacitor Banks

By Geography

• North America

o US

o Canada

o Mexico

o Rest of North America

• Europe

o Germany

o UK

o France

o Russia

o Spain

o Italy

o Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific

o China

o Japan

o India

o South Korea

o Singapore

o Malaysia

o Rest of Asia Pacific


o Brazil

o Argentina


o Saudi Arabia

o South Africa

o Nigeria

o Rest of LAMEA

Companies Profiled

• General Electric (GE) Co.

• Hitachi, Ltd.

• TDK Corporation

• Yageo Corporation

• Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.

• Eaton Corporation PLC

• Kyocera Corporation

• General Atomics

• International Capacitors, S.A.

• ELECTRONICON Kondensatoren GmbH

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