Vehid Abdullahi, the CEO of Pallapay, innovated the first crypto-to-fiat POS system to accept payments via crypto easily.

Dubai, Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Vehid Abdullahi the CEO of Pallapay created the first crypto-to-fiat POS system to accept payments via crypto easily

Vehid Abdullahi has found a new POS system with Pallapay which is going to change the world payment system.
The development of this new payment system in which retailers and E-commerce can easily accept crypto without having any knowledge about crypto or worrying about market inflation.
The use of cryptocurrency for payments has widely increased because of the rise in its popularity. Its increase in popularity and rise in value has led to the need for a new fiat to the crypto payment system. Fiat to crypto payment allows the customers to make their payment in fiat or cryptocurrency. Vehid Abdullahi invented the first Crypto to Fiat Pos Machine where there is no need to touch crypto while accepting payments for the merchants.

Vehid Abdullahi
Vehid Abdullahi is a 39-year-old business development manager, Fintech, and Banking Software expert residing in the United States. He is the CEO and founder of Palladium Payment service (the parent company of, a new payment system that is more secure and easy. Graduating from California State University, Fullerton with a Master’s degree in Computer Science Vehid Abdullahi has become successful in his business by age 36. Vehid Abdullahi is a professional who guides companies, business owners, and all his customers to manage their financial operations efficiently. He is also helping others with technologies such as blockchain, artificial Intelligence, etc.

Pallapay is a payment service that is more reliable, secure, and convenient for every user when compared with other such services. It is an online platform where users can register themselves with minimum effort to make payments. Registered users can accept or send payments through their website easily through their Pallapay account. It acts as a digital wallet that can be easily accessed using a browser. This new payment processing system platform is available in around 20 different languages (payment page or method), where users from different countries can choose their preferred language.
Pallapay allows people to buy or sell cryptocurrency using cash or bank transfer. Fiat currency bank transfers are now available in AED, USD, Euro, and GBP, in which the individual can choose theirs. With a Pallapay account, an individual can exchange Bitcoin, USDT, and 100+ other cryptocurrencies of their choice.

With his invention of the e-commerce platform and a new payment system, he has achieved massive success. It is providing the best-secured service and is going to change the world’s payment system. To know more about Vehid Abdullahi’s efficiency individuals can check

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