Breaking through the limits of traditional diagnostics — the brand new MUCAR CDE900

ONTARIO, Calif., July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For technicians and DIYers, who love to repair and maintain vehicles by themselves, an effective device with excellent user experience is a necessity.

 However, most of the traditional OBD devices on the market still stay in the very first place, which can only perform the basic functions with awful user experience.

After in-depth investigating, MUCAR brought out a comprehensive design on product positioning, using habits, software optimization, and operation experience, etc. To create a brand new product for our users: CDE900, to bring you higher efficiency and better diagnostic experience. 

In the past, OBD devices only adopted physical buttons and ordinary LCD screen, which cannot be used after the buttons are damaged in the complex diagnostic environment. CDE900 optimizes this situation with all-round guarantee:

CDE900 adopts Color screen display with a new icon UI design to manage functions, which makes the function display more intuitive and vivid. Up to 120 data streams can be read at the same time, no hiding for abnormal data of multidimensional data comparison.

MUCAR CDE900 supports 16 languages, optimizing communication protocol to cover vehicles after 1996. Added ECM+SRS+TCM+ABS functions on the basis of the full function of OBD2 and EOBD2 when you need it, you can pay for the additional functions anytime.

It also provides lifetime free OTA upgrade with WiFi function.

CDE900 adopts Android 6.0 intelligent system, the device runs faster with 2G memory, 16G storage, supports up to 256G expanded memory card. Equipped with 1500mAh capacity battery without OBD interface power supply, you can turn on the device to check the historical diagnosis report. It’s ready for the next repair and maintenance anytime.

The product will be launched on all e-commerce platforms in August. If you are interested in, please stay tuned with us.

CONTACT: Jackie Lin, [email protected]

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