Sustainable Waste Management Strategies Tackling Australia’s Reliance on Landfill

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Waste Sense, provider of independent waste management services Melbourne wide, as energy production from traditional fossil fuels produces an adverse effect, the move towards renewable and sustainable energy has become imperative. 

Waste Sense explains that WtE is a crucial aspect of a sustainable waste management chain where energy is generated from all kinds of solid waste. The process utilises waste to produce alternative energy in the forms of heat, gas and electricity. WtE technology contributes to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions while generating 20 times more renewable energy per tonne of waste. Additionally, it can reduce the reliance on energy imports and can be used alongside wind and solar for sustainable waste management and energy solutions.

Complementary to recycling, Waste Sense says that WtE technology reduces landfill usage and expansions. Australia has long been reliant on sending most waste to landfill, however waste landfill generates substantial greenhouse gases and results in land and groundwater contamination. 

In Western Australia, the East Rockingham WtE project will divert 96% of residual waste from landfill. Due for completion in 2023, the facility will deliver a cost-effective waste treatment solution and a vital source of renewable energy. East Rockingham will use household and commercial waste that could not be recycled. The project will use moving grate technology to thermally treat waste and convert the recovered energy into steam to produce electricity. WtE facilities like East Rockingham will play a key role in establishing a circular economy that will deliver a clean and efficient way to recover energy and divert residual waste from landfill, explains Waste Sense. 

As interest grows in Australia in the use of technology to convert waste into energy, there are a number of other WtE projects in the works across the country and the expectation is that this industry will continue to expand. While there are sustainability and environmental concerns that must be addressed regarding this technology, Waste Sense says it is certainly a step in the right direction to tackle both Australia’s ongoing waste crisis and climate change. 

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