Indigo Lavender Farms builds on sustainability practices with DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower program

Detroit, May 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Indigo Lavender Farms, a family-owned lavender farm and popular agritourism destination, today announced its enrollment in DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower program. Located in Imlay City, Indigo Lavender Farms is the first farm to enroll in the program. MIGreenPower allows DTE Electric customers to reduce their carbon footprint by attributing their energy use to Michigan wind and solar projects. 

Indigo Lavender Farms was founded in 2015 by owners Trish and Greg Dennis. In its first three years, the farm grew from 4,000 lavender plants to 14,000 plants on 23 acres of land. The farm has become one of the most popular agritourism destinations in Michigan, drawing hundreds of visitors a day during the summer months. In addition to walking among the lavender fields, guests can picnic and buy plants, visit the greenhouse, and purchase broad array of lavender products while at the property. Recently, the farm added honeybee hives onsite, producing 65 gallons of honey a season.

Trish Dennis believes in naturally sustainable farming and works to use best practices for the lavender and honeybees. The business has plans to add a rainwater collection system, install its own windmill, and make natural fertilizer by composting teas. Enrolling in MIGreenPower was a simple, affordable way for Indigo Lavender Farms to build on its current sustainable practices and help combat climate change on a larger scale. 

“All the things we’re doing now are great for our own private use and sustainability, and we pride ourselves on that,” said Dennis. “But we also want to be a part of a bigger project, a bigger story. MIGreenPower allows us to contribute toward the development of new clean energy projects in Michigan – some of which are really close to home for us.” 

Indigo Lavender Farms joins over 350 Michigan businesses and 30,000 residential customers who are using MIGreenPower to help meet their sustainability goals and reduce their impact on the environment. The program ranks among the top three voluntary renewable energy programs in the United States and has prominent business subscribers including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, the University of Michigan, Bedrock Detroit, and the Detroit Zoo.

“Enrolling in MIGreenPower helps businesses like Indigo Lavender Farms reduce their carbon footprint without installing or maintaining any additional infrastructure on their property,” said Brian Calka, director of DTE’s Renewable Solutions team.  “We are glad to be part of Indigo Lavender Farms’ sustainability journey and we welcome them to our program.” 

In the future, Indigo Lavender Farms has plans to expand to 50 acres and add more types of flowers such as tulips, daffodils, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums so the farm has flowers blooming spring through fall. The company’s lavender products are sold at the farm, at select local retailers, on the company’s website, and through both Etsy and Amazon.

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