Alpha Sigma Capital invests in Blockchain Social Media Platform Hyprr

Los Angeles, CA, July 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire)  Social media usage is constantly changing with Gen-Z consuming five billion hours a day globally, more than any generation prior. Hyprr offers an all-in-one social media and content delivery platform built on blockchain technology to give users and creators more control. Hyprr’s business model starts with influencers and create a virtuous “Flywheel”, each component drives the next, thereby driving velocity throughout the platform.

Hyprr’s all-in-one platform is powered by the utility token UDOO. Users and Content Creators can create content with easy-to-use paywall features so sponsors can support content through advertising. Content creators can also generate passive income through likes or shares. Hyprr has made it simple for users to turn their tokens into cash with an in-app wallet that allows users to easily buy, sell, and exchange UDOOs with their traditional currencies including Euros and US dollars. The company also plans on adding the ability for users to withdraw their earnings directly onto a debit card.  Additionally, Hyprr is integrated with Fireblocks, a multibillion-dollar crypto custody and transfer application for both institutional and retail clients. Fireblocks helps communities to securely store and efficiently transfer their digital assets. 

Enzo Villani, CEO of Alpha Sigma Capital, commented “Currently, many talented content creators and influencers on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok are fighting to stay alive as these organizations squeeze creators on their revenue-share. Hyprr solves those problems, by creating a digital assets monetization system that can leverage efficiencies of blockchain, therefore, allowing more creators to continue to generate income without the harsh thresholds used by these other services.” 

“As we countdown to launch, having Alpha Sigma Capital onboard strengthens our ability to deliver the experience I envisioned when I first conceptualized Hyprr.” said David Brierly, Founder, and CEO of Hyppr.

In a recent blog post, Hyprr’s Chief Revenue Officer Jason Sibley discussed how the company has “now expanded their creators for launch, and the collective following of these launch supporters exceeds 350 million users, and while we’re not expecting them all to rush to join us, we do expect multi-millions – and that’s a great base for us to launch from.” 

The company plans to lift its launch supporter marketing embargo on July 27th, 2020, and at that time will provide further updates on the live launch of the application. Hyprr has 70,000 pre-sign-ups for the platform and the company has also ‘reserved’ usernames for 100,00 major influencers. 

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About Hyprr, Inc.

Hyprr is a blockchain powered social media and content delivery platform that aims to provide a fairer, clearer social media experience that puts users, advertisers, and influencers in control. The company is led by Founder & CEO David Brierly with his nearly 20 years of experience in the world of commerce. Mr. Brierly is very skilled and has an extensive history in helping innovative companies develop successful market strategies and scale their operations. For more information, please visit

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