“Today the World’s Financial Industry Will Change,” DPPM Holdings and TECH MONIA Have Announced

DPPM Holdings and TECH MONIA have announced today that they have developed a technology of Financial Telecommunication that allows INSTANT payment (Online or in-store) and transfer of money in any currency domestically and internationally with the fee of 0.30 USD with just a simple fingerprint no matter where your bank account is or which country you live in, or what kind of card you have.

The Technology of Payment and Transfer is possible with another technology by TECHMONIA called THE KEY .

The Founder and CEO, Alireza Dehghan has said, “This technology is like being the World’s bank, you are able to transfer funds instantly from your banks or cards anywhere in the world to anybody else and that person will be able to instantly spend it or transfer it worldwide with the fee of 30 cents in the most securest way possible just at the tip of their finger. And we don’t even keep your money.”

DPPM will also work with banks and governments.

Mr. Dehghan has also projected, “This technology will put domestic and International interbank financial telecommunications like Swift and also virtual currencies like Bitcoin and other blockchains in general out of order. We are also offering intergovernmental, interbank and intercorporate solutions with the same instant transactions.”

The KEY: The KEY is a set of keys chained back to back in between the lines of your fingerprint which creates a very unique KEY that is used as an identifier of information, signature for payment and as the identifier as a single bank account for the whole world, in DPPM payment, and transfer technology of instant transfer.

Transfer Technology: the transfer is done instantly either domestically or internationally, after authentication the money gets processed from the accounts or cards that you have connected to your key, and Your KEY will send a notification to DPPM (your currency) and DPPM will instantly transfer the same amount to the receiver KEY. And in the case of international Transfer after DPPM in your Currency gets you’re Notification, then it will send another Notification to DPPM in the receiver currency, and DPPM in the receiver currency will send it to the receiver KEY.

NO FOREIGN TRANSACTION FEE: Whenever you buy anything in another currency your money gets processed in DPPM in your Currency.