Announcement of AMMBR Token Sale September 1, 2017

– SINGAPORE, Aug. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Ammbr, a Blockchain powered, multi-spectrum Mesh Network will make high-speed broadband internet available to more people in more places. Ammbr announced that their token sale will commence September 1, 2017. Future owners of an Ammbr access point will be able to earn tokens while distributing broadband, and users accessing broadband will be able to make payments with the tokens. The primary objective of the Ammbr project to is create a distributed broadband access platform that is highly resilient and simple to connect to, while reducing the costs associated with internet access. Ammbr intends to create a high-throughput blockchain-based platform with AI and smart contract functionality that will underpin a marketplace, removing friction for the users of wireless broadband while ensuring equitable participation for the myriad owners of the access infrastructure.

The Ammbr network is predicated on secure digital identities for all participants and linked asset wallets for the network’s native token, called AMMBR. It enables micro-payment capability required for incremental access payments to any access point on the network. The network provides accurate real-time billing for access, as opposed to the typical monthly or bundled access packages from traditional broadband service providers.

Ammbr overcomes current mesh network scalability issues through its multi-path capabilities across different wireless spectrums, and adds economic incentive for participants to utilize existing broadband links as communal network backhaul infrastructure.

Ammbr will have global applicability and will be of significant importance to the 3.9 billion individuals around the world who currently do not have high-speed internet access. The network intends to empower individuals, allowing them to collaborate and trade using the latest developments in wireless mesh networking technology. This would overcome the shortcomings of centralized and monopolistic telecommunications business models by providing adequate, efficient, and resilient broadband access.

AMMBR serves several purposes:

“Ammbr offers an entirely new business model which could bring a large number of people, especially in the developing world, into the technology era,” says Benny Pang, Chairman of the Ammbr Foundation. “Ammbr has been entirely self-funded by the founders to date and has built several components of the total solution it intends to commercialize.” Benny Pang previously served as the chief counsel at Tencent Holdings Limited and currently is an acclaimed corporate IPO attorney in Hong Kong.

About Ammbr:

The Ammbr Foundation is based in Singapore, with technology development partners in the United States, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Hong Kong. For more information about Ammbr, please visit

Note to editors: Ammbr is pronounced the same as “Amber”. Sentence case Ammbr refers to the Ammbr Foundation and Ammbr products and technology. All uppercase AMMBR refers to the cryptographic tokens used.

For further information and the official Ammbr whitepaper, visit

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