Reinventing cash back: discover Fluz app, you earn also when your friends shop!


Cash Back like you’ve never seen before!

We know how gratifying it is to get something back. Fluz is not just another cash back app. We’re making it possible for friendship and influence to create real income opportunities for everyone.

We’re leveraging the power of community spending to go beyond small rewards and one-off incentives. There’s still a chance to earn on everyday purchases, but now there’s also a way for people everywhere to earn extra through a weave of friends, followers and other connections.

No sign-up fees. Shop at your favorite merchants. Earn from others and cash out anytime.

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Fluz is the First Co-op on the Blockchain

Fluz pays up to x100 more than other cash back apps.

Fluz’s cashback network provides a powerful passive income source. Unlike other sites, you earn cash from other people’s purchases.  Crucially, the faster and larger your network grows, the more money you earn. So join, invite and start earning more now! Better yet, when you get tired of inviting, Fluz Fluz will auto-fill newly registered users in your network if they weren’t referred by another Fluzzer. This ensures your network will always grow!

Many ways to earn cash back

No need to change your shopping habits. Fluz Fluz provides the most ways to earn cash back rewards. Explore our options below:

While shopping Online: Earn huge cash back while shopping directly on favorite merchant websites. We track the purchase and you earn the rewards.

In-Store: Looking for in-store cash back? It’s as easy as swiping your linked credit card like you normally would. No UPC scanning or in-store fumbling.
With Gift Cards: Prefer the familiarity and gift-giving power of gift cards? We offer that too. Stay tuned for exciting new ways to exchange your cash or coin for redeemable gift cards both in-store and online.
Here, few major brand and shops you can get cash back and earn from friends on your network (and many more):

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