Managed Bitcoin Mining Operation/Rig Sourcing—White Glove Crypto Services Launch

Cary, United States, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

MiningStore’s latest launch offers aspiring crypto miners, traders, and investors the chance to generate Bitcoin at lower costs. The company’s deep-market knowledge and many years of experience in the digital currency space give clients access to a profitable, revenue-sharing model and secure minted coin storage.

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The announcement details a range of benefits for crypto beginners and experienced investors alike. MiningStore clients benefit from access to the company’s advanced mining data center, low-cost ASIC hardware mining machines, institutional custody, and monthly distributions.

Bitcoin mining involves solving a computational puzzle to mint new Bitcoins. Mining also serves to keep the network secure through the verification of transactions. Each of these transactions is added to Bitcoin’s public ledger – also known as the blockchain. Nodes prevent previously spent Bitcoins from being fraudulently used again.

The Managed Mining Program (MMP) from MiningStore provides a white glove service to users. The company runs mining machines on behalf of clients, making the process of earning discounted Bitcoin a smooth, simple, and hassle-free process.

MMP subscribers only pay upfront for the cost of the mining machinery. All other commissions and charges are taken as part of a backend monthly reconciliation process. Fees are currently just 7.5% of revenue for management services and 20% of net profits for performance.

MiningStore clients also benefit from access to the Mining Pod infrastructure. This includes rack space, cooling, land, and electrical step-down. At-cost power charges equate to 4.3 cents p/kWh.

In addition, the MMP also provides machine procurement from verified mining vendors, machine installation and configuration, replacement parts, and renewable energy-driven power sources.

About MiningStore

Since its inception in 2016, the company has surpassed $6.6 million in hardware sales and hosting revenue. MiningStore is dedicated to supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem through mining opportunities, promoting economic freedom, innovation, efficiency, and equality through an open financial system.

A spokesperson says, “Our vision is to build a holistic ecosystem of solutions by continuously deploying world-class mining facilities and bringing Bitcoin to the masses.”

With its latest Managed Mining Program updates, MiningStore affirms its position at the forefront of the crypto mining space.

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