Baltic RE Group will be fully “powered by green”

AS Baltic RE Group took the strategic decision to abandon the use of fossil fuel energy in its buildings. Such a decisive turning point is a part of the company’s strong commitment to pursue the highest standards of sustainability, through a shared effort with its tenants and suppliers towards a better-quality environment and life in general.

From October, 2021, the whole portfolio of Baltic RE Group is powered by green electricity, whose production process uses entirely renewable energy resources. The green energy used by Baltic RE Group is provided by AS Latvenergo and fully certified by attestations proving the origin of electricity. The certification is issued by the Latvian Electricity Transmission System Operator, as formal Guarantee of Origin that is compliant with the European Energy Certificate System for electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

Giovanni dalla Zonca, Founder and CEO of AS Baltic RE Group, says:
“I can’t avoid saying we are proud of how the company’s sustainability philosophy is supported by our tenants and partners. The electricity we use in our properties originates 100% of Latvia’s renewable energy resources. I wish to specially thank our Property Management team as they teach me a lot, and I feel they are a true driving force of our strategy:  they are young, smart and energetic, highly committed in conserving energy and happy to raise awareness in the market about environmental issues through green thinking. I feel honored to work with them and contribute to the environment by taking significant steps towards the greenest future today.”

Didzis Zālītis, Head of Corporate Customer Relations at AS Latvenergo states:
“We are pleased that one of the leading companies in the industry – AS Baltic RE Group – has chosen to supply all its buildings only with renewable electricity produced by the leading green energy company in the Baltics. In this way we care about the future of our planet, which is becoming an increasingly important and urgent task nowadays, and we are proud that the views of the Baltic RE Group coincide with our philosophy of sustainability and respect for the environment, choosing Elektrum as a stable long-term partner.”

AS Baltic RE Group is a real estate investment company specializing since 2008 in the purchase and management of high-quality real estate properties. As one of the leaders in the Baltic premium segment real estate market, Baltic RE Group implements the best standards of environmentally friendly solutions available on the market in its buildings, which contributes to the well-being of the users of these areas.