Eemax® Contributes to Award Winning Valente Library

Waterbury, Connecticut, July 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Eemax® Inc is proud to be a contributor of the Valente Library located in Cambridge Massachusetts that had recently been honored by The American Institute of Architecture and The American Library Association with the 2021 AIA/ALA Library Building Award. Valente Library is one of five libraries in the United States that is given the award for exemplifying ‘design achievement, including sense of place, purpose, ecology, environmental sustainability and of history’.

The Valente Library, which opened in 2019, is a part of the King Open/ Cambridge Street Upper School and Community Complex. In addition to the Valente Library, the plan included a middle school, elementary school, administration buildings, and a public pool. The library, which is 10,000 square feet, is designed to be a net-zero building, aiming to produce as much renewable energy as it consumes.

“It was the community of Cambridge that led the way by requesting a net-zero emission campus. Therefore, Eemax’s main goal was to design a solution that reduced energy use as much as possible. With tankless electric water heating installed at the point-of-use, we were able to eliminate a lot of wasted energy”, stated Kate Bubriski, Director of Sustainability & Building Performance/Architecture at Arrowstreet.

Eemax® contributed over 160 tankless electric water heaters to the NetZero Cambridge Plan including LavAdvantage™ tankless electric water heaters in the Valente Library for lavatories, break room and the Story Time public space. “We are proud to provide the right solutions in supporting net-zero emission goals and provide safe and consistent hot water with our LavAdvantage™ products,” said Jens Bolleyer, Eemax® Inc, VP & GM. 

LavAdvantage™ is suitable for ADA compliant facilities, lavatories, changing rooms, and kitchens to provide safe and consistent hot water on demand. Simultaneously, LavAdvantage™ reduces energy usage, water waste, and no venting of greenhouse gasses. With active energy management, power modulating controls, and a small, compact design that can be mounted in any orientation, LavAdvantage™ is the ideal solution for the Valente Library and the net-zero campus.  

About Eemax, Inc.

Eemax is leading the evolution of water with cutting-edge technology that provides consistent hot water. It is our mission to drive the progression of efficiency maximized by developing advanced tankless electric hot water heating solutions. We are empowering professionals with trusted and versatile products that can accommodate a multitude of installation scenarios. Today, Eemax products deliver energy-efficient hot water for schools, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, commercial restrooms, laundries, breweries, medical facilities, and more. Wherever hot water is needed—Eemax has the solutions—making us America’s #1 choice for tankless electric water heaters.


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