Major shareholder announcement

Company Announcement No. 24/2020Copenhagen, 23 December 2020Athena Investments A/S (“Athena”) has been informed by Fidim S.r.l. that Fidim S.r.l. holds 96,578,317 shares in Athena corresponding to 90.55% of the share capital and voting rights of Athena.Moreover, Athena has been informed by GWM Renewable Energy II S.r.l., that GWM Renewable Energy II S.r.l. has disposed of its shareholding of 54,109,944 shares, corresponding to 50.73% of the share capital and voting rights of Athena, in connection with the voluntary public cash offer published by Fidim S.r.l. on 19 October 2020.Contact:Peter Høstgaard-Jensen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tel: +45 40 10 88 71
Francesco Vittori, CEO, Tel.: +45 33 36 42 02


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