Huawei Releases the CloudCampus 2 0 Solution to Lead Campus Networks into the Gigabit Fully-Wireless Intelligence Era

SHENZHEN, China, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — At the Global Analyst Summit 2020, Huawei took a significant step forward in campus networking by launching CloudCampus 2.0, its latest campus network solution. Standing out with intelligent upgrades in connectivity, experience, and O&M, this future-proof solution helps enterprises of all sizes to build gigabit fully-wireless smart campus networks and accelerate the connectivity of everything in enterprise campuses.

More than 90% of office and production activities take place in enterprise headquarters and branch campuses, according to Huawei’s enterprise business market insights. And as more office and production terminals go wireless, a growing number of latency-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry applications need to be carried on the same campus network. Traditional campus networks, however, are incapable of ensuring bandwidth per user, guaranteeing the quality of key services, or quickly locating user and application experience faults. It is these pain points that are hindering the digital transformation of campuses. As such, building an intelligent campus network is the sustainable way that enterprises can connect everything in their campuses and accelerate their digital transformation.

Huawei defines three distinct characteristics of future campus networks:

Super capacity for Gigabit fully-wireless speeds and beyond

The fully-wireless access of campus terminals is no longer just a trend; rather, it is the go-to for early-adopter enterprises on their digital transformation journey, significantly improving office and operational efficiencies. Additionally, we are seeing a growth in popularity of bandwidth-hungry and latency-sensitive applications, such as 4K, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), cloud storage, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and cloud collaboration. This trend means that campus networks will soon be expected to be fully-wireless while delivering speeds of 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps anytime, anywhere.

In response, Huawei has launched a full lineup of all-new, high-bandwidth, and high-performance wired and wireless network devices. These new additions are able to help enterprises of any size to build a campus network that delivers a peak rate of over 1 Gbps per terminal and continuous network connections anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent experience for continuous self-organizing networking (CSON) and assurance of key applications at any time

As campus networks carry an increasing number of key services, user and service experience on the network has a direct impact on the operational and collaboration efficiencies of enterprises. Huawei’s CloudCampus 2.0 Solution responds to this by introducing AI technologies to the entire network and fully leveraging Huawei’s 5G technologies to help enterprises:

Autonomous driving for service provisioning and fault remediation in minutes

Rapid service rollout is the key for enterprises to succeed in the market. Traditionally, it takes weeks or even months to deploy a campus network consisting of thousands of Wi-Fi APs and campus switches.

To address this, Huawei’s CloudCampus 2.0 Solution introduces AI-based iMaster NCE and CampusInsight to roll out networks and services in minutes.

“We are pursuing full-wireless campus networks that fully meet the office and production demands of enterprises and, more importantly, serve all places in our cities to redefine our life, office, and travel experience,” said Li Xing, President of the campus network domain of Huawei’s Datacom Product Line. “In this way, we will step into a gigabit fully-wireless intelligence era. These expectations align perfectly with the goals of the Huawei CloudCampus 2.0 Solution, with its comprehensively upgraded architecture and products.”

He then went on to say: “We will continue to help customers build a future-proof campus network that features super capacity, intelligent experience, and autonomous driving. By adopting the intelligent campus network architecture, we will, as always, bring customers a digital network that delivers ultra-fast experience.”

Since its commercial use in 2017, Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution has been serving customers across industries in more than 100 countries and regions. In January 2020, Huawei’s CloudCampus Solution was named a “Customers’ Choice” by Gartner Peer Insights. With the latest CloudCampus 2.0, Huawei will continue to help players across industries to build digital-ready networks that meet the needs of enterprises today and tomorrow.

For more information, visit Huawei Campus Network Solution website.


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