A Qingdao delegation hosts a series of city promotional events in Hamburg Germany to promote Qingdao as a center of vitality

– The exhibition displayed 102 photos exhibition zones individually themed for Qingdao’s openness, modernity, vitality and fashion, showcasing the city’s economy, culture, society, technology, natural landscape and local lifestyles from multiple perspectives. The delicately framed and unique photos received wide attention and rave reviews from local audiences. Qingdao, located on the eastern coast of China, is  an important city of Shandong, one of the major Chinese provinces in terms of economic growth, culture and population. Qingdao is also an open coastal city in the northern part of China with abundant cultural resources, one of the country’s key coastal cities, a seaside city well-known for its tourism attractions, an international port city and one of the country’s most renowned cities for its rich history and culture. With strong economic growth, a long history and an outstanding natural landscape, Qingdao’s uniqueness and vision have made it a city known for its openness, modernity, vitality and fashion.

Accompanied by the broadcasting of a video promoting Qingdao as a unique Chinese city and a renowned German pianist playing world-famous songs from both countries, the launch ceremony for the exhibition was held during the opening ceremony. Several distinguished guests delivered a speech at the event, including Du Xiaohui, consul general of China in Hamburg and Lance Newman, business director of the board of directors at Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA). The speakers spoke highly of the exhibition and of Qingdao’s achievements in urban development from different perspectives, expressing how they looked forward a deeper collaboration between Hamburg and the Chinese city. Zhu Hua, secretary-general of the Qingdao Municipal Committee, gave a detailed presentation on Qingdao’s urban development and invited Hamburgers from all walks of life to visit the city as tourists or investors. In addition, the European Business Bus Qingdao project was launched at the opening ceremony.

As part of the series of city promotional events held in Israel and Germany, the Qingdao delegation paid a visit to local business, tourism and culture organizations and held events to promote Qingdao as a city of openness, modernity, fashion and vitality. People from all over the world are welcome to visit Qingdao for leisure or to investigate business opportunities.

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/923731/Qingdao_1.jpg

Photo – https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/923732/Qingdao_2.jpg

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