PHNIX Releases Belt Dryer System, a Leading Solution on Wet Sludge Drying, in Europe

– Mr.Yi said PHNIX has been committed to the R&D of new environmental technologies and their application in industrial special environmental protection products for many years. Taking the sludge drying industrial equipment as an example, PHNIX is one of China’s largest and most advanced environmentally friendly equipment manufacturers investing in R&D resources. PHNIX’s sludge drying Belt Dryer System is highly efficient and intelligent, and currently its large sludge drying solutions have been successfully applied in China, Southeast Asia and Northern Europe.

About PHNIX Belt Dryer System

Reducing wet sludge weight by 80% by drying The PHNIX Belt Dryer System reduces wet sludge weight by 80%, meanwhile reducing sludge volume to 67% by drying. In the process of drying, the unit consumes only 280-330 kW/h of 1 ton of water dehydration.

Full automatic control system with zero emission The PHNIX Belt Dryer System is a closed drying system that is always in zero emission while the unit is in operation. The ultra-low temperature drying of the unit from 50 to 60 degrees C greatly reduces dust generation, and the highly intelligent unit can automatically clean dust at any time.

PHNIX Belt Dryer application range The unit is widely used in municipal sludge treatment plants in addition to use for the sludge produced by other enterprises, including electroplating, circuit boards, electronics, printing and dyeing industry sludge, and the sludge drying treatment in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.


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