Introducing the Largest Smart City Event in Asia: Smart City Summit & Expo in March 2019

– In 2018, SCSE has attracted 120 city leaders and representatives from 50 countries, 210 exhibitors, and over 30,000 visitors.

2019 Smart City Summit & Expo will include following features:

1. AIoT Invigorates Smart City

In past 5 years, the theme of SCSE has been “Building Smart Cities on the IoT”, which focused on the importance of IoT (Internet of Things) and smart city applications worldwide. In 2019 edition, SCSE foresees the value in A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) applications in smart cities, introducing a diversity of up-to-date technologies and the insights into the future.

2. Larger Scale of Smart Healthcare Expo

Seeing the great potential of smart healthcare industry, Smart Healthcare Expo (SHE), jointly organized by Joint Commission of Taiwan, Taiwan Smart City Solutions Alliance, and Taipei Computer Association, had its first edition in 2018. Aiming at becoming the leading smart healthcare event, SHE not only invites the hospital superintendents from Taiwan and abroad, but holds professional forums to promote the communication of healthcare experts from different countries. Read more at

3. Expansion of Comprehensive Sub-expos

As smart city applications cover various fields, SCSE extends its themes through sub-expos in 2019, which include smart education, smart building, and smart mobility. With the collaboration with Taiwan Intelligent Building Association, Innovation Learning Center from Institute for Information Industry, Department of Education from Taipei City Government, Industrial Development Bureau from Ministry of Economic Affairs, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Intelligent Transport Society of Taiwan, SCSE expects to gather the experts from industry, government, and knowledge institutions to illustrate the flourishing development of smart city.

With the rapid development of smart city worldwide, SCSE is definitely the business hub to find the best partners. Feel free to contact Tina Chang (+886-2-2577-4249 ext. 805, [email protected]) to learn more about special packages for media partnership. Read more at

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