Jamendo Launches a New Background Music Offer for Streamers Everywhere

– The independent music platform,Jamendo, released a brand-new subscription-based offer, designed for music broadcasting during livestreaming video sessions, focusing primarily on gamers.

Developed for allowing streamers to enhance their live videos with a wide array of high-quality royalty-free music, Jamendo’s new offering for livestreaming removes the challenges vloggers face in light of copyright infringement laws.

Since the key to success in this highly-competitive arena depends on high-quality content, background music is an essential component – essential, but troublesome if not used properly. In cases of copyright infringement, a video can be muted or shut down by the hosting platform, resulting in the loss of user engagement and, of course, time spent creating the stream.

Jamendo has launched this new subscription-based offer for vloggers and streamers, providing them access to nearly 30 selections of curated royalty-free music genres (dubstep, trap, epic, metal and many others), handpicked and regularly updated by music experts, without ads.

“One ofJamendo‘s main goals is to support creators in sharing their stories, while helping independent music artists tap into new streams of revenue. This new product is all about creators enabling creators, ” explains Emmanuel Donati, General Manager of Jamendo.

Indeed, a fair share of the subscription revenue will go directly to independent music artists. This lies in Jamendo’s DNA, as they have always worked to provide independent artists with new streams of revenue and exposure. As a result, by broadcasting music from Jamendo, you’re actually helping independent artists to grow.

To learn more about Jamendo and their brand-new livestreaming music offer, just click here .

About Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the largest online independent music platforms. It provides free music for personal enjoyment and various licenses for projects or businesses. Jamendo supports independent artists by offering them a global space to promote and sell their music.

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