Huawei Launched Its Latest Government Cloud Solution to Western Europe

– Huawei’s Government Cloud Solution exchanges information between government departments and offers public services to residents. Huawei utilizes its unique advantages in cloud operating system kernel and hardware to provide solution performance and reliability that open-sourced versions can never have. In addition, the solution decouples applications from data, permitting multiple departments to share updated data in real time. This laid a foundation for smart government applications, such as unified planning, proactive protection, real-time command, precise operation, and collaborative administration innovation.

At present, Huawei’s Government Cloud Solution ranks top in China’s market according to an IDC MarketScape evaluation report on Chinese Government cloud market and vendors. Outside China, Huawei is serving more than 100 government customers across over 80 countries. The innovative Cloud Service Platform Huawei launched this time helps governments and government cloud service providers to develop cloud applications, migrate services to clouds, improve cloud operation, and enhance customer abilities. Huawei deployed OpenLabs in multiple regions around the globe, supporting more than 300 customers and ecological partners in cloud and Big Data innovation. In Huawei’s OpenLabs, they can share innovation experience they gained in different markets, their knowledge on market demands, and their latest progresses in building technical solutions. Huawei won extensive recognition from global customers using these labs.

Huawei is committed to providing innovative ICT platform for government customers and promoting the construction of service-oriented governments. Governments and government cloud service providers need stable, collaborative, innovative cloud and Big Data platforms. In the future, these platforms will gradually integrate IT technology with city operating experience. Government clouds will not only bear government departments’ internal ICT services, but also support digital services of the whole city. Huawei will join hands with its customers and partners to build a new smart city with justice, optimal management, and sustainable development.

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