ZOPO (IFA) New Product Event to be showcased at Expo with the Theme Return to Power

– 2017 has been a positive and promising year for ZOPO. The company will be hosting the expo in order to witness the milestones made. During the event, there will be some of the smartphones available to hand out to the media for review.

The initiative to extend the battery-life of modern cellular devices, will further motivate customers to purchase the product and the conference will highlight the improvements to the product.

During the course of the conference, there will be critical issues discussed, and the following will also be revealed.

1. The new privacy mode that offers greater encryption to the device such as the two finger print unlock system.

2. Improved power management systems and quick charging batteries. There will be an opportunity to witness sleek and long lasting mobile phones and the amazing 18:9 display with full design.

3. The desire and drive to balance between users centered design and expansive battery life. It will also provide an opportunity for mobile device manufacturers to get in on the ground level of ZOPO’s innovative design and engineering.

4. The move to partner with more distributors to improve the availability of these devices in the market. As a dedicated distributor, this is a chance to become a partner.

The ZOPO team has been working tirelessly to satisfy needs of customers. The brand is amongst the best in the market. Each release is greatly appreciated by the general public since ZOPO’s inception, 10 years ago. As time passes, more features are added – location services, Bluetooth functions, personal assistants – until these devices have surpassed laptops in some instances, but these functions have something in common: they all require power. The battery life of these advanced devices suffers in trying to perform all these tasks. This is the main reason that ZOPO is launching the Z5000 and P5000. ZOPO never deters with challenges faced to the company, and is always prepared to upgrade and improve itself.

For more information on ZOPO, please visit http://www.zopomobile.com.

ZOPO E-mail address: [email protected]

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