Airbitz Enables Buy/Sell Bitcoin Capabilities in Europe

– SAN DIEGO, April 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Airbitz Inc., a leading bitcoin wallet and data security company, today announced a partnership with Bity, a Swiss bitcoin exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Euros and Swiss Francs. Bity will be a plug-in application inside the Airbitz Wallet allowing Airbitz users to buy and sell bitcoin with Euros and Swiss Francs. Airbitz has only had buy/sell bitcoin capabilities for its users with US bank accounts but this plug-in allows those with European bank accounts to buy through the Airbitz Wallet easily, cheaply, and securely.

This is just one of many of our wallet’s capabilities and a glimpse into the future of money. Airbitz is laser focused on making bitcoin very real, usable, and practical for billions of users all over the globe. We will be expanding our buy/sell plug-ins for more currencies and geographies over time depending on market demand and resources.

We’re excited to partner with Bity, an excellent exchange, and look forward to helping users all over Europe interact with bitcoin and other digital assets.

About Airbitz

Airbitz is a data security platform and mobile bitcoin wallet with over 100,000 users. Airbitz is focused on bringing ease-of-use and ease-of-security to blockchain services and decentralized applications, smoothing the path to mass adoption with its Edge Security Platform. Airbitz has been developing its Edge Security Platform since it was founded in 2014, and the Airbitz mobile app, which many bitcoin users are familiar with, is the battle-tested first app on the platform. Since releasing the Edge Security SDK in Q1 of 2016, there are now a handful of apps leveraging Airbitz Edge Security in the iOS and Android app stores.

About Bity

Bity is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Switzerland which allows its users to buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and rep with Euros and Swiss Francs. Bity also has a network of bitcoin ATMs that it operates throughout Switzerland.


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